League of Legends: Wild Rift: What is Wild Rift & How to Bet on LoL Wild Rift Esports

League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most popular games on the planet, and Wild Rift is a free-to-play mobile version of the original game developed by Riot Games.

This makes LoL Wild Rift one of the best Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games (MOBA games) that tasks players to take down their opponent’s base to win specific maps. Wild Rift Esports events and fixtures occur exclusively in Asia, and the game has a huge following in China in particular.

Since the release, the trending mobile game has grown rapidly amongst both casual and professional level players, with its player base reaching over 14 million monthly players in 2023.

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Wild Rift Teams & Major Tournaments

In 2022, Riot launched the Wild Rift League, the number one LoL Wild Rift competition on the Asian continent. Currently, the league comprises 12 teams from China and eight from other Asian nations, with huge prize pools up for grabs.

Nova won the first-ever Wild Rift World Championships in 2022, beating J Team in a thrilling final. You can bet on both finalists as two of the major Wild Rift Esports teams and at least 18 other LoL Wild Rift teams competing in Esports competitions in Asia.

How to Bet on Wild Rift & Types of LoL: Wild Rift Bets

Stake.com is the perfect platform for Esports betting, with various games, leagues, and fixtures available throughout the Esports season.

Begin by creating an account at the Stake Sportsbook and adding cryptocurrency to your account to fund future bets. You can then check for upcoming LoL Wild Rift events and fixtures that you can bet on.

If you want to bet on the Wild Rift League in Asia or any other League of Legends Wild Rift event, here are some of the different types of bets that you can place:

  • Match winner: This is the easiest type of bet to place on LoL Wild Rift. Simply select a fixture and place a wager on the team you think will win.

  • Outright winner: Rather than betting on a single match, you can place an outright winner bet on the team you think will win an LoL Esports competition, such as the Wild Rift League.

  • Handicap: Handicap betting allows you to bet on a team to win, but they must overcome a specific deficit for your bet to be successful. You can find out more about handicap betting at Stake here.

  • Prop bets: In Esports, proposition bets include wagers that aren’t tied to the match’s final outcome. So, for instance, in LoL, you could place a prop bet on the team to land the first kill.

  • Spreads: Spread betting is becoming more popular online, and you can place spreads at Stake.com. Learn more about what it is and how spread betting works to prepare your LoL Wild Rift betting slip.

How to Live Stream LoL: Wild Rift & Wild Rift Live Betting Options

You can tune into a host of LoL Wild Rift fixtures directly at Stake.com. When you log in to your account, you can browse the LoL fixtures that are currently available to live stream and dive straight into the action.

While watching Wild Rift, you can then opt to place a host of live bets as the action unfolds. Live bets include things like which team will win a map or who will land the first kill in a game round.

If you’re new to sports betting at Stake, you can read through our guide that explains the differences between pre-match and live betting to help you get started.

Wild Rift Betting Tips & Strategies to Win

Before placing your first LoL Esports bets at our online betting site, here are some handy tips to bear in mind to boost your winning chances:

  • It’s a good idea to download LoL Wild Rift to sample the game for yourself. This gives you a good idea of how it works and helps you to understand the gameplay before placing any bets.

  • Just like other professional sports people, Esports players and professional players that can dip in and out of form. Therefore, you should always check how a team has been performing recently before backing them in an Esports bet.

  • Refer to our Esports betting guide for more tips, and check out our sports betting guide for help with your sports betting strategy in general.

Wild Rift Betting Odds & Payouts

Stake.com is home to the best sports odds, and Esports is no different. You can decide how you would like to see LoL Wild Rift odds in your account, choosing fractions, decimals, or the American format.

As a crypto-only sportsbook, we process all withdrawals instantly, letting you access your Wild Rift winnings without delay. Learn more about our deposit and withdrawal processes so you can make a plan for your Esports winnings.

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Why Bet on LoL: Wild Rift & Esports on Stake.com?

Esports is fast becoming one of the most popular professional sports in the world, and new games and leagues pop up every year. Wild Rift is a new mobile version of League of Legends, one of the most popular video games in the world. Therefore, it’s the perfect Esports game to bet on, and there are several high-profile tournaments throughout the year in Asia.

When you place Esports bets at Stake.com, you can access our latest promotions to boost your bankroll. You can also earn exclusive rewards as part of the Stake VIP Club to enhance your winning chances.

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Interesting Facts About LoL: Wild Rift

One of the main differences between Wild Rift and the PC version of LoL is that Wild Rift games are much shorter – usually only about 15 minutes or so, compared to the 45-minute games common with the PC version of LoL.