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Handball Betting Online - Latest Handball Odds & Markets

Stake online sportsbook is the perfect place to find the best handball odds for the world's leading tournaments, including the World Championship, Champions League, and EHF European League, among several others.

Handball might not be as popular as football, but it certainly has a substantial following in many parts of the world, and thanks to live coverage of the sport online, you can place handball bets in several handball betting markets.

As is the case with all sports betting, you can place many different handball bets, on domestic and international competitions, including 1x2, double chance, and handicap wagers, providing you with lots of choices when building your betting slip.

By adding cryptocurrency units to your account, you can get started with handball odds and betting at Stake.com. You can then benefit from instant withdrawals, ensuring you don't have to wait an eternity for your winnings.

Find out how to access the best handball odds and what you need to know to profit from this popular sport at Stake online sportsbook .

Handball Leagues & Tournaments

You will find a broad selection of popular handball leagues and tournaments you can bet on at Stake.com, enabling you to follow your favourite teams and players. Some of your handball betting options at Stake include the following leagues and tournaments:

  • World Championship: An international tournament organised by the International Handball Federation – widely regarded as the most significant event in the sport.

  • EHF Champions League: The European Champions League is a much-anticipated domestic handball tournament, with teams like Barcelona, Montpellier, and RK Vardar dominating in recent years.

  • EHF European League: A men's and women's handball league competed by some of Europe's leading handball teams throughout the regular season.

The IHF and EHF organise several high-profile handball events throughout the calendar year, and much of the action is live-streamed online. This makes it easy to tune into handball from the start and ensures you can get a feel for the game before placing your bets.

How to Bet on Handball and Types of Handball Bets

As with all sports betting, you can place several handball bets and wagers, from total goals to alternate goals and winning margins. Some of the most popular handball bet types include the following:


A 1x2 handball bet is a wager on the winner of the match. 1 refers to a home win, x refers to a draw, and 2 refers to an away win. You can select based on each team's current form and pick your winner accordingly.

Double chance

A double chance handball bet quite literally provides you with two chances of winning, as you can bet on one team to win or draw a match. This is a good handball bet to consider when the teams are evenly matched and you're struggling to pick a winner.

Draw no bet

As draws can happen in handball, you can place a wager called a draw no bet. Here, you select which team you think will win a particular match, and if it ends in a tie, you get your stake back. Again, this is another good option when struggling to pick a winner out of two closely matched teams.

Asian handicap

In an Asian handicap bet , you can place a wager on a handball match with a handicap applied. This is a great betting option when there is a clear favourite and you wish to level the playing field somewhat.

If you back the favourite in an Asian handicap bet, they will need to overcome the deficit set by the sportsbook for your bet to be successful.

Asian total

Similarly to an Asian handicap, an Asian total bet on handball is match betting with a handicap applied. The main difference is that the handicap is applied to the total number of points that are scored in a match, and you can bet over/under the Asian total line that has been set.

Winning margin

Another popular handball bet is a winning margin wager, which sees you bet on the difference in goals between the winner and loser. Betting on the goal difference is an excellent bet if you want to access better handball odds, as you can generally find great value with handball winning margin betting markets.

Goals total

One of the most straightforward handball bets you can place is a wager on the total number of goals you think will be scored in a match. It doesn't matter which team scores the goals; your only job is to predict the total number of combined goals scored by each team.

Highest scoring half

Like football, handball is a game of two halves, so you can predict which half will be the highest scoring. It helps to research the form and history of each team before placing this bet, so you can get a good idea of when they typically score most of their goals.


Handball fans can also place an odd/even bet on a specific fixture. Here, you can bet on whether the number of goals/points scored will be an odd or even number – as simple as that!

Tournament outrights

Rather than focusing solely on a single match, you can place tournament outright bets on handball. As the name of the bet suggests, you can place a wager on the team that you think will emerge victorious at the end of a tournament and become the eventual winner. Picking the outright winners is great option for betting on the biggest handball tournaments introduced above.

Handball Betting Tips and Strategies for Success

Betting on handball requires some foresight, and it helps to put together a handball betting strategy before capitalising on the best handball odds online. Some tips that you can consider before placing a handball wager include the following:

  • Consider form: Even the best handball players and teams dip in and out of form, so it's essential to consider a team's form before backing them in a bet and making your handball predictions.

  • Look for injuries: Handball is a physically demanding game, and injuries are common. Review a team's injury list before picking them to win an upcoming fixture.

  • Analyse statistics: It's helpful to research a team's statistics before placing a handball bet. Consider things like trends, head-to-heads, and key players before deciding which teams to bet on.

  • Understand the game: If you're new to handball, tune into some live matches before placing a bet. It's important to understand the format and rules of the game before placing your bets.

Whether you're a handball enthusiast, or simply a fan of international, European, or American sports betting you'll find the best sports betting tips at Stake. Be sure to keep a look out for our sports betting promotions to get the most out of your handball betting strategy!

Live Betting Options for Handball

As many high-profile handball tournaments are broadcast live online, you can bet on handball live as the action plays out. You can bet on things like the next goal scorer and how many goals you think will be scored in a particular half.

In other words, live betting offers you access to a host of handball odds and is a great option to consider when betting on this sport this season.

Handball Betting Odds and Payouts

Handball odds are presented in three different ways online – fractional (4/1), decimal (4.00) and American (+400). It's up to you how you see the odds, and you can adjust the settings in your Stake.com account to reflect your preferences.

You can get started with handball odds and betting by instantly depositing cryptocurrency into your Stake.com account. Should your bets be successful, you can also access your winnings now, thanks to speedy online payouts.

Why Bet on Handball on Stake.com?

Ultimately, Stake.com is the perfect place to access handball odds and betting. All the biggest leagues and tournaments are covered, and you can place a host of bets, including 1x2, goals total, and Asian handicap wagers on the outcome of some of the biggest handball fixtures.

So, add some crypto units to your account and get started with handball betting at Stake.com today.