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Call of Duty Betting Guide - Best eSports Betting Odds Online

Call of Duty is one of the most popular video games worldwide, and a thriving e-sports community has evolved as a result. The best first-person video game players battle it out in different competitions worldwide to secure their status as Call of Duty Champions.

The Call of Duty League is one of the most watched eSports competitions in the world and attracts huge audiences to live events, particularly those hosted in various US cities.

To keep things interesting when watching Call of Duty live events, leagues, and tournaments, you can enjoy placing a Call of Duty bet, including on the winner, total maps, and correct score wagers.

Stake online sportsbook is the perfect platform for eSports betting, with FIFA , League of Legends , Dota2 and Call of Duty betting markets all available.

Find out what you need to know about Call of Duty online betting at Stake.com and how you can build the best betting strategy to profit from eSports betting throughout the season.

History of Call of Duty (COD) eSports

Call of Duty (COD) is a first-person shooter game by Activision, with 20 releases spanning from 2003 to 2021. The original game, Call of Duty, was praised for its incredible gameplay, and every release since has improved and developed the game mechanics.

The COD franchise has grown in popularity over the years, with many recent releases themed with a specific war in mind (WWII, for instance), while others like Ghosts and Modern Warfare have focused on different aspects of war.

The first Call of Duty eSports competition launched in 2006, alongside the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Players can compete in different leagues and tournaments, many of which use different releases and game modes as the focal game.

Unsurprisingly, Call of Duty has received numerous awards, including a 2004 BAFTA for best game. Today, Call of Duty is widely played by video game fans worldwide and is one of the leading eSports at all major competitions.

Call of Duty Leagues, Tournaments and Betting Markets

If you’re keen to get started testing your expertise with a Call of Duty bet, the good news is that there are several high-profile eSports leagues that you can tune into, including the following:

  • Call of Duty League: Game developer Activision launched a Call of Duty League at the start of 2020, including teams from the UK and USA. It’s widely regarded as the calendar’s main Call of Duty event, and live events attract huge crowds.

  • Major League Gaming : Based in New York City, Major League Gaming organises many eSports competitions throughout the year, including various Call of Duty events.

Many major tournaments and Call of Duty events are known as ladders, which are split into singles, doubles, teams, and hardcore, offering different playing scenarios for the competitors. By winning ladders, players accumulate online points, contributing to their overall rank as a Call of Duty eSports competitor. Ove the years, major Call of Duty tournaments have reached prize pools of millions of dollars.

How to Bet on Call of Duty and Types of Bets

Getting started organising a Call of Duty bet is straightforward, and there are lots of different wagers and COD betting options that you can place on the action. Specifically, the Call of Duty bets that you can place at Stake.com include:


The easiest way to bet on Call of Duty at Stake.com is to pick the winner of an eSports fixture. The best option is to select which team you think will win the entire match. Remember games are played in legs or sets, so you are betting on who wins outright.

Before placing a bet on the winner, it’s worth considering the format and rules of the competition so you know what to expect.

Total Maps

If you’re unfamiliar with Call of Duty’s gameplay, it’s all about winning maps. Maps are the battlefields on which players battle it out for victory, and to win an eSports match, a player will need to win more maps than their competitor.

So, you can place an over/under bet on how many maps you think will be played in a specific fixture.

Correct Score in Maps

Although every COD tournament has a different format, all eSports fixtures consist of multiple battles for maps, allowing you to bet on the correct score of each map played in the game, which then contributes to the overall score posted by the winning team.

Call of Duty Betting Tips and Strategies

Before placing a Call of Duty bet, it’s essential to develop a strategy you can follow to pick more winners than losers. Here are some tips and betting advice that you should consider before placing your first eSports or Call of Duty bet at Stake.com:

  • Understand the gameplay: Betting on eSports is relatively straightforward when you get the hang of it, but you first need to understand how the game actually works. Therefore, it makes sense to play Call of Duty yourself before betting on an eSports fixture. If you don’t have a games console, you can watch some live streams of COD on YouTube or Twitch to get the hang of how things work when players compete for maps.

  • Consider the rules of the tournament: As mentioned, there are several Call of Duty events and tournaments that you can bet on, so it’s important to be aware of the differences between each. Every tournament may have different rules, regulations, and formats, so you must consider these before placing a Call of Duty bet.

  • Research player form: Video game players dip in and out of form just like all professional sports people, so you need to consider how a player has been performing before backing them. Check out their recent wins and losses, and also look at head-to-heads before picking your winner. It’s always better to bet on Call of Duty with your head and not your heart.

  • Analyse statistics: Once you’re familiar with how Call of Duty works, you can dig a little deeper and analyse some statistics. You can look at how a player performs against a specific opponent or how they typically do when competing in a particular Call of Duty game. Analysing the statistics of professional teams will help you identify value in your betting slip and will help you profit from your Call of Duty bets.

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Why Stake.com the Ideal Call of Duty Betting Site

Placing a Call of Duty bet at Stake.com couldn’t be easier, and you will find all the major leagues, tournaments, and events online. You can also place several different Call of Duty bet types, ensuring that you can make the selections that you actually want throughout the year.

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