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Snooker Betting & Snooker Odds Online at Stake Sportsbook

Snooker players exhibit a high level of skill at the table, and the sport is much loved in the UK and further afield. As such, many high-profile snooker tournaments are held throughout the year, providing you with lots of betting opportunities.

At Stake.com, you will find the best snooker betting odds on all the major tournaments on the calendar, including the British Open, European Masters, and Championship League, among others. Check out our blog explaining how to bet on snooker for some expert tips and insights!

To access the best snooker betting odds, you can place a broad range of bets, including who you think will win a particular match, how many frames will be played, as well as correct score betting.

Ultimately, Stake online sportsbook is the perfect platform to build snooker bets and access the best snooker betting odds, so read on to discover your options when placing snooker bets at Stake this year.

Snooker Tournaments

Snooker tournaments are played throughout the calendar year at different venues across Europe. However, many prominent snooker tournaments are staged in the UK and across the globe, such is the draw of snooker in the country.

Some of the most prominent snooker events that you can bet on at Stake.com include:

  • World Snooker Championship: The longest-running and most prestigious tournament in world snooker, offering the biggest purse to players.

  • UK Championship : One of snooker’s prestigious “triple crown” events.

  • British Open : A popular UK snooker tournament in which the competitors play for prize money of £100,000.

  • The Masters (Hong Kong Masters) : An invitational snooker event held annually, regarded as the second biggest prize in world snooker.

You can tune into live snooker on TV and place your bets accordingly on some of the biggest tournaments and events on the calendar, providing you with many opportunities to profit from the game throughout the year.

Types of Snooker Bets

Once you have decided on the snooker tournament that you want to place a wager on, there are several types of snooker bets that you can place, depending on what you think will happen. Some of your options at Stake.com include:


Also known as a moneyline bet , this is the easiest bet to place on snooker is picking the winner of a match. This is a straight-up bet; all you need to do is pick which player you think will emerge victorious. Remember that most snooker games are played in frames, so it will be the winner of the match, as opposed to the individual frames within a match.

Total frames

A snooker match is made up of a pre-determined number of frames, which changes depending on the round and tournament in question. In the early rounds of the big snooker tournaments, most players compete to win the best of eleven frames, meaning the first player to six frames goes through.

A total frames bet is a wager on how many frames you think will be played in total in a matchup.

Frame handicap

If there is an overwhelming favourite in a matchup, you can place a frame handicap bet . This sees the favourite start with a handicap they will need to overcome for your bet to win.

This is a way of levelling the playing field in snooker betting and provides you with better value when backing a favourite.

Correct score

In snooker betting, a correct score wager is a bet on your final score in a specific match. For instance, you might bet that a player wins 6-0 or 6-3, depending on how you see the action playing out over the frames.

Snooker Betting Tips and Strategies for Successful Snooker Betting

To capitalise on the best snooker betting odds online, it’s worth having a strategy that you can turn to before placing your bets.

As mentioned, snooker is a game of skill and making a profit from snooker betting is also best approached with skill and strategy in mind. So, some snooker betting tips that you should consider when betting at Stake.com include:

  • Research form: Form plays a big part in the outcome of snooker matches, and if a favourite is in a bad run of form, it could present you with an opportunity to back an underdog, providing you with much better value on your betting slip.

  • Consider historical performance: Some snooker players perform better under pressure and tend to do really well in major events. It pays to research a player’s previous performance in a competition before backing them, as it will give you an idea about whether they’re likely to win the event. For example, if English player Judd Trump is versing John Higgins from Scotland, you may choose to bet on Higgins. Or you may want to look up the history of Mark Selby or Shaun Murphy to see how they have performed in certain snooker events in the past.

  • Study the match format: As mentioned, snooker matches follow various formats, so you need to be aware of the setup before placing a bet. Make sure you know how many frames are to be played before making your selections.

  • Look at H2H: As an individual sport, some snooker players maintain the upper hand over their rivals, which you can see in their previous H2H records. Researching H2H makes sense before betting on the field at major tournaments, so you can get a good idea of potentially good value selections before making a bet.

With a wide range of types of snooker bets available, get more tips and tricks with our online betting tips for all your favourite exciting sports in popular markets at Stake. Also keep a look out for our sport promotions to get the most out of your betting strategy!

Snooker Betting Odds and Payouts

You will find the best snooker betting odds online at Stake.com, and they will be presented in one of three formats – fractional (3/1), decimal (3.00), or American (+300).

You can decide how you would like to see the odds presented by adjusting the settings in your Stake.com account, making things a little bit easier when placing your bets.

Thanks to the effortless crypto deposit process at Stake.com, you can place your bets on snooker immediately after adding units to your account, and you can expect instant payouts should you look to cash your winnings.

Why Bet on Snooker on Stake.com?

Stake.com is the perfect place to bet on snooker and other sports, and you will find markets for all of the major tournaments on the calendar, including the World Championships and the Masters.

So, create an account at Stake.com and add some units to your account to get started. Then, look to profit from betting on snooker at Stake this season.

An Interesting Fact About Snooker Betting

There have been several high-profile updates in snooker history, but one of the most shocking in recent history came when 500/1 shot James Cahill defeated Ronnie O’Sullivan in the Opening Round of the Snooker World Championship.