Motorcycle Betting Odds and Motorbike Betting Tips

Motorcycle racing is a high-octane sport enjoyed by motorsport fans the world over. With several top race series throughout the year, there is always an exciting motorbike racing event around the corner to look forward to.

For sports bettors, motorcycle betting offers plenty of opportunities to profit. If the races are not exciting enough, having money on the potential winner adds a new layer of fun, plus you can usually enjoy live betting options at Stake sportsbook .

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Motorcycle Leagues and Tournaments

Sports fans generally enjoy motorcycle racing because it’s exciting with added adrenaline that comes with a dangerous sport.

As such, there are several significant motorcycle racing series to enjoy. These include:


Moto GP is the top class of motorcycle racing. This international championship series features the world’s top riders zooming around race tracks and street circuits.

The Moto GP is packed with thrilling action and organised by the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme. The rider with the most points at the end of the season lifts the trophy.


The series for intermediate bikes with 600cc engines, Moto2 is the motorcycling equivalent of Formula 2 in car racing. The series is considered a stepping stone for riders to the MotoGP series.

Isle of Man TT

The famous race around the roads of the Isle of Man, a tiny island sandwiched between England, Scotland and Ireland. The event is a Tourist Trophy (TT) and is run in a time trial format.

This event is considered the most dangerous racing event in the world, with five riders losing their lives during the 2022 meeting.

AMA Superbike Championship

Since 1976, the Championship is considered the premier motorcycle racing series in the US.

Australian Superbike Championship

Running since 1980, the latest season enjoyed seven stops around the country, each featuring two or three rounds of racing. Points are awarded to the top 20 finishers.

Type of Motorcycle Race Bets

As with the major car-racing series , you can place many different types of bets on motorcycling. Here we present the common markets for motorcycle betting.

  • Race winner: As easy as it sounds, you’ll place bets on riders you think will take the chequered flag.

  • Pole position: Back which rider you think will sit at the front of the starting grid on race day.

  • Fastest lap: Place a wager on the rider you think will grab the race’s fastest lap.

  • Rider matchups: Rather than backing a rider to win the race, you’ll bet on them simply finishing ahead of another rider. Generally, riders of similar abilities are paired together for this market.

  • Outright: Place your bet on the rider you decide is most likely to top the standings at the end of the season. The odds will offer more value before the season starts, but the odds on some riders will shorten as it gets underway and the favourites emerge.

  • In-play live betting: With all major races shown on television or streamed live, you can take advantage of live betting as the race unfolds.

Betting Tips and Strategies for Successful Motorcycle Betting

There’s not much point in motorcycle betting if you have no idea what’s going on in the sport. You’ll find you get more success if you follow the latest news and understand how the race meetings go to develop a betting strategy.

  • Keep up with the news: Reading the latest racing news keeps you up to speed with the latest injuries, mechanical issues, and basic loss of form. Any of these will affect you’re a rider’s chances and might shift your opinion of the available odds.

  • Race history: Some riders perform better at some circuits than others, which will certainly impact their chances of success in an upcoming round.

  • Weather: If rain is forecast, look for the riders who traditionally perform well when it’s wet.

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Live Betting Options for Motorcycle Racing

With all the top motorcycle racing events either televised or streamed live online, it opens up the market for live betting opportunities.

Here, you can place bets on many markets. The main ones remain things like the race winner and holder of the fastest lap. But you might also get prop-style bets like whether there will be a retirement, if the track record will be broken, or if someone will fall off, and if it will rain.

The odds in live betting markets shift continuously, so if you’re watching the race live, you might be able to take advantage of a value bet on

Motorcycle Betting Odds and Payouts

All sports bettors get used to placing bets in a particular odds format. These might be decimal odds, such as 4.00, or the fractional alternative, which in this case, would be 3/1. In the US, the moneyline is the favoured odds mechanic; here it would be 300.

At, you can choose how you want your odds displayed to make your motorcycle betting easier.

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Why Bet on Motorcycle Racing at

The high-adrenaline sport of motorcycle racing is as exciting to bet on as it is to watch. With major race series held globally, there is always an upcoming race to bet on, providing plenty of opportunities to profit at Stake.

Motorcycle racing is simple to understand, and the available sports betting markets, like race winner or holder of the fastest lap, are easy and fun to get into. The addition of live betting opportunities with impressive betting odds makes it a sport that’s ideal for all betting fans.

Interesting Facts About Motorcycle Betting

Spaniards Alex and Marc Marquez are the only brothers to win a MotoGP on the same day – twice in a row!

And riders wear leather protection clothing for races, and kangaroo hide is preferred where the friction is hardest.