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Volleyball Betting and Betting Odds Online at Stake Sportsbook

Volleyball is extremely popular in Eastern Europe and Asia, with high-profile domestic leagues running throughout the year.

National teams also compete in tournaments like the Nations League and the FIVB World Championships, while volleyball is also one of the Olympic events scheduled for Paris this summer.

In this volleyball betting guide, learn about the different volleyball teams and events you can bet on in 2024. Consider the range of volleyball betting options and markets at Stake.com.

The Biggest Volleyball Tournaments for Betting

There are two main types of volleyball that you can bet on. The first is action from domestic leagues, which takes place in countries like Korea, Japan, China, Czechia, Portugal and Italy. Men and women compete in their respective leagues at the domestic level.

In terms of rankings, the best men’s volleyball teams in the world in 2024 are Sir Safety Perugia Volley (ITA), VC Greenyard Maaseik (BEL), Olympiacos (GRE), Sada Cruzeiro Volei (BRA), and Galatasaray Istanbul (TUR).

In the women’s game, Gerdau/Minas (BRA), Dentil/Praia Clube (BRA), Tianjin Bohai Bank (CHI), Sesi Volei Bauru (BRA), and Volero Le Cannet (FRA) are the top-ranked teams in 2024. You can bet on these clubs in their respective leagues at Stake.com.

International volleyball is the second type of contest you can bet on at our sportsbook. Nations regularly compete in the FIVB World Championships and the Nations League to secure their place as the highest-ranked volleyball nations in the world.

As of 2024, the top five nations, according to the FIVB World Rankings, are Poland, the USA, Italy, Japan and Brazil (men), and Turkey, the USA, Brazil, Serbia and Italy (women).

You can bet on all significant volleyball tournaments at Stake.com. This includes international fixtures and major domestic leagues from all around the world. Some of the most prominent volleyball tournaments you can bet on at our sportsbook include:

You can also bet on international friendly matches during the off-season; such is the appeal of volleyball in different parts of the world. Check out our detailed 2024 volleyball tournament schedule to determine which events and tournaments are scheduled for this year.

2024 Tournaments & Schedule

The biggest volleyball event on the calendar in 2024 is the Olympic Games in Paris, France, with the volleyball set to get underway in July. You can follow all domestic leagues throughout the calendar as usual, but make sure you put the following high-profile volleyball events in your diary for this year:

  • February: CEV Champions League quarter-final stage

  • May: Volleyball Nations League begins

  • June: Japan Summer League begins

  • July: Volleyball at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France.

Volleyball Bet Types and Betting Options

One of your first tasks when betting on volleyball is understanding the different markets and options available. Specifically, some of the volleyball bets that you can place at Stake.com include the following:


The easiest way to bet on volleyball is to pick the winner of a particular match. You don’t need to worry about the margin of victory or which team scores the points – your only concern is which team leaves the court victorious; if you pick correctly, you will win your outright bet .


In volleyball, matches are played best of five sets, with the first four sets are played to 25 points and the final set to 15 points. To win a set, a team must win by two clear points. As such, many volleyball betting options relate to the sets in a fixture, enabling you to break your betting slip down and place bets on outcomes within each set.

Set handicap

When one team is the clear favourite to win a volleyball fixture, you might wish to consider a set handicap bet . This is where the heavy favourite is given a handicap they need to overcome, which essentially levels the playing field.

Due to the handicap, you receive better odds than if you were to bet on the team in a standard head-to-head bet.


Volleyball matches are typically high-scoring affairs, and the fact that a team needs to win by two clear points means that matches can often exceed expectations. As a result, you can bet on the number of points you think will be scored in a set (or, indeed, a whole match).

Stake.com sets a totals line, and your job is to predict whether over or under this number of points will be scored.

Point handicap

As with a set handicap in volleyball betting, you can also place a point handicap bet on volleyball games. This is where one team starts with a specific number of points less than their opponents, and for your bet to be successful, they will need to overcome the point handicap to win the game.

Refer to our online sports betting guide for help with placing bets on volleyball.

Volleyball Betting Tips and Strategies for Successful Bets

Volleyball is a fast-paced, high-scoring game, so it’s little surprise that it’s so popular with sports fans at Stake.com. As you can see, there are many ways to bet on volleyball, but how do you give yourself the best chance of winning? Here are some top volleyball betting tips to bear in mind as you make your selections:

Refer to the World Rankings

Use the published World Rankings from FIVB (the world volleyball governing body) as a starting point when considering which teams to bet on. You can find details of the highest-ranked clubs and nations for the 2024 season, helping you to pick teams that are playing well.

Understand the Rules

Though volleyball is a fairly simple game to grasp, there are specific rules that you need to be aware of that may affect your betting strategy. You can watch some games at Stake.com and read up on the associated rules of volleyball if you’re a newcomer to the game before placing a bet

Check the Roster

As volleyball is a team game, the players' injuries and form determine how well the team performs. If a key player – such as the libero or the main attacker – falls with a knee injury in a previous game, it will significantly affect the team’s chances of success. So, always check the team’s roster and double-check for any injuries before making your selections.

Consider the Hall

An often-overlooked factor influencing volleyball results is the hall in which the game is played. Things like ceiling height, light distribution, and even the distance of the audience from the court can affect a volleyball team. Home advantage is super important, so consider how a team typically fares on its travels before placing your bets.

How to Live Stream Volleyball at Stake Sportsbook

One of the best things about betting on volleyball and other sports at Stake.com is that you can live stream some of the top clashes directly from your Stake account. We offer streams of hundreds of fixtures from major domestic leagues and international tournaments to all Stake customers.

Simply log in to your account and check the upcoming fixtures available to live stream. Then, if you wish, you can place live bets on the action as it unfolds, enhancing your online volleyball betting experience in the process.

Check out our guide to live streaming sports on Stake for more information.

How to Bet on Volleyball and Volleyball Betting Odds Explained

To bet on volleyball at Stake.com, the first step is to create an account. Visit our homepage and follow the prompts to create an account in minutes. You can then make a deposit to your Stake.com account to fund your volleyball bets, choosing from a l ocal fiat currency or cryptocurrency .

With funds available, you can check out which volleyball fixtures and events are open to bet on. Do your research and consider the odds listed for each team. You can choose how odds are represented in your Stake.com account, opting for the American format, decimals, or fractions.

Stake.com is home to the best value volleyball odds, so you can find the market you’re looking for. If you’re keen to bet on live volleyball fixtures, use our same-game multi-bet builder to bring together your selections and receive great odds in the process.

Why Bet on Volleyball at Stake.com?

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