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Biathlon is a popular winter sport that combines cross-country skiing (skate technique) with shooting. Competitors ski around laps of a course in a sprint race with shooting segments at various intervals in an event requiring stamina as much as a sharp aim.

The sport originated in Norway in the late 19th century and grew in popularity throughout Scandinavia, as well as in other countries where the climate makes winter sports possible, like Germany, Italy, France, the US and Japan.

Sports bettors can place bets on the biggest biathlon events at Stake crypto sportsbook . Biathlon odds and betting markets are especially common at the World Championships and the Winter Olympics, where the sport features several variations, including individual, relay events, sprint, pursuit and a mass start.

Learn everything you need to know about the sport and some of the biathlon odds you must understand to get started. First, if you have not already done so, open your account and follow the fast deposit process to begin your biathlon betting experience.

Biathlon Leagues and Tournaments

As you would expect, biathlon events are restricted to countries with lots of snow. While there are plenty of national-level championships, the world-stage biathlon competitions attract the most betting action.

These are the key events to look out for if you’re keen to find value in the biathlon odds.

  • Winter Olympics: Staged every four years, this is the pinnacle of winter sports. Biathlon has been featured since 1960. Norway tops the gold medal table, followed by Germany, France and Russia.

  • World Championships: The highlight of each calendar year, the Biathlon World Championships, take place in February or March. However, the event takes a break once every four years when the Winter Olympics is on.

  • World Cup: A season-long tournament series first staged in 1977 for men and 1982 for women (the women’s event was originally called the European Cup). There are generally nine or ten events per season.

  • IBU Cup: The second-ranked competition for individuals behind the World Cup. There is usually a weekly event in the series that runs from November/December through to March.

How to Bet on Biathlon Events and Types of Bets

Biathlon is one of those sports that you can enjoy watching, thanks to the amazing scenery. With that in mind, it’s easy to add to your fun by following the biathlon odds and placing a bet.

Here are some of the typical bets you can place with on a range of biathlon betting lines at Stake:

Race winner

The easiest option is simply predicting who you think will win a particular biathlon race. You get nothing for finishing second; only the top spot counts.


For the major series like the World Championships or World Cup, you’ll find biathlon odds for who you think the eventual winner will be. The odds will be more generous the “further out” you place your bet, like before the season starts or right at the start of a series.

Winning nation

Predict which country the winner of one of the major tournaments will come from.

Racer matchups

Some races include the option to bet on whether one racer will finish higher than another. This means your pick does not have to win the actual race, just finish ahead of their rival.

Biathlon Betting Tips and Sports Betting Strategies

From enthusiastic biathlon bettors, to those just starting out on their betting journey, everybody can take advantage of our sports betting tips online , or read on to discover our biathlon betting strategies below.

  • Know the rules: While the key ingredient of biathlon remains the same (cross-country skiing and shooting), there are different types of races, including individual and relay. Some have longer courses, and each tournament format might change. Be sure to know what event you’re betting on.

  • Keep up with the news: Although biathlon does not get as much media attention as mainstream sports, there are plenty of places where you can find the latest news and statistics online. Injuries, form and racer motivation will all influence a race’s outcome, so you want to be on top of the latest developments before placing a bet. It's also a good idea to brush up on your player knowledge, including shooting statistics and sprint times.

  • Watch live streams: You’ll make better decisions if you watch the events. Plus, watching live streams opens up biathlon odds on live betting markets if that’s something that interests you.

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Live Betting Options for a Biathlon

Most sports betting activity is a fire-and-forget exercise, where you place your bet and then return to Stake later to check how you got on. Live betting is different because you get to bet while watching the action with live streaming events.

With all top biathlon events streamed live, you can take advantage of the odds that will constantly change as the race unfolds. It makes for a far more engaging and exciting betting experience!

Biathlon Betting Odds and Payouts

All biathlon odds are presented in the usual way, from outrights to individual races and more. How you see the odds is up to you, whether you want decimal (3.00), fractional (2/1) or the American moneyline (200).

Set your preference in your Stake account, where there are also options for Indonesian, Hong Kong and Malaysian odds.

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Why Bet on a Biathlon at

Biathlon is a fun sport, with exciting races in scenic locations. It’s easy to understand what’s going on out on the course, so you’ll have no problem picking out some value bets at

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Interesting Facts About Biathlon Betting

  • Originating in Norway, the first biathlon events involved a format called Military Patrol, with the Winter Olympics in 1924 featuring this race. The name derives from the fact that Norwegian soldiers used to get about on skis!

  • During the shooting stage, racers shoot with small-bore rifles at targets placed 50 metres away. They must hit five targets each time, with time or distance added to their finish each time they miss.

  • Quentin Fillon Maillet is a French biathlete and the current Olympic champion in the 2022 Beijing Olympic games.