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What is Futsal and Futsal Betting Guide

Futsal is a modified version of football. It is played indoors with five players on each side, with a smaller ball. The emphasis is on skill, and the game’s pace is much faster than conventional football.

The game originated in Uruguay in the 1930s when a school teacher called Juan Carlos Ceriani created the game and encouraged his students to play on a basketball court to work on their skills and technique.

But it wasn’t until 1989 that FIFA (the world governing body of soccer) took the game over and launched the first-ever Futsal World Cup, which Brazil won.

In Latin American countries, it’s common for young players to grow up playing futsal before transferring to football, which is one of the reasons they are regarded as such technically gifted players.

Here, we introduce you to the major futsal leagues and tournaments that you can bet on throughout the season and explain the different types of futsal bets you can place at the Stake Sportsbook .

Futsal Leagues, Teams & Major Tournaments

Since UEFA and FIFA enveloped futsal into their remit, the major tournaments and events in Futsal mirror those in football. Therefore, the most prominent futsal events that you can bet on at Stake.com include:

  • FIFA Futsal World Cup: Held every four years, the FIFA Futsal World Cup has been competed since 1989. Portugal are the current World Champions, but Brazil are the most successful nation in the competition’s history, with five titles to their name.

  • UEFA Futsal Euro: Founded in 1996, the UEFA Futsal Euro has been dominated by Spain, who have won seven of the 12 titles. Portugal have won the past two Euro titles and have cemented their place as the best futsal team in the world.

  • Futsal Finalissima: The Futsal Finalissima is contested by the top teams in CONEMBOL and UEFA. The inaugural tournament was won in 2022 by Portugal.

  • UEFA Futsal Champions League: The biggest continental club competition in futsal is the UEFA Champions League. The tournament has been held since 2001, and the Spanish team Inter Movistar are the most successful team in the tournament’s history, with five titles. Clubs from Russia , Cyprus , Finland , and Romania all compete in the UEFA Champions League each year.

How to Bet on Futsal & Types of Futsal Bets

There are several different types of futsal bets that you can place at Stake.com, including the following:

  • Moneyline : A moneyline futsal bet is a wager on the team you think will win a specific futsal fixture.

  • Outright : You can also place an outright futsal bet, which is a wager on the team you think will win a tournament like the Futsal World Cup outright.

  • Total goals: Instead of betting on a futsal team, you can bet on the total number of goals you think will be scored in a futsal match.

  • Handicap : In a futsal handicap bet, you can bet on one team to overcome a goal deficit to defeat their opponent.

  • First goal scorer: This is a bet on the player you think will score the first goal in a futsal match.

  • Anytime goal scorer: Alternatively, you can bet on a player to score at any time during a futsal match.

  • Total team goals: This is a wager on the total number of goals you believe one team will score in a futsal match.

  • Player specials: Player specials include things like the number of goals and whether a player will be sent off in a futsal match.

  • Parlays : If you want to boost your odds, you can place a futsal parlay bet, which is a wager on multiple teams winning in the same betting slip. You can also place same-game multi-bets on futsal.

How to Live Stream Futsal & Live Betting Options

When you create an account at the Stake Sportsbook, you can live stream futsal and other sports for free directly from your account dashboard. You can check for upcoming fixtures that are available to watch at Stake.com and enjoy the action as it unfolds.

This also gives you the perfect opportunity to bet on live futsal markets, including things like the next player to score a goal or what you think the score will be at the end of the first half. Live betting is a great option in futsal, as you can wait to see how the game develops before placing your bets.

Futsal Betting Tips & Strategies to Win

To help you make a profit from futsal betting, here are some top tips to bear in mind when thinking about which teams to bet on:

  • Though futsal is like football, it’s not the same. In futsal, it’s best to back technically gifted teams and players who play the game at a fast pace. Nations like Brazil, Portugal, and Argentina tend to produce the best futsal players in the world.

  • Clean sheets are rare in futsal, and the goalkeeper position is perhaps the most difficult on the pitch. Bear this in mind when betting on the total number of goals you think will be scored in a futsal match.

  • In futsal, substitutions are available throughout the match in a roll-on, roll-off format. This can sometimes make it a little more difficult to predict which player will be the next goal scorer, as they might not be on the pitch!

  • You should always research the form and previous performances of the players and teams that you’re planning to bet on. As is the case in football, futsal players can go in and out of form, so don’t just bet on a team based on their reputation alone.

  • Futsal betting should be fun, so please remember to gamble responsibly when making your futsal selections. You can read through our Stake Smart guidelines for further help with responsible betting.

  • Our sports betting guide contains more tips and tricks that you can employ when betting on futsal at Stake.com.

Futsal Betting Odds & Payouts

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Why Bet on Futsal on Stake.com?

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Interesting Facts About Futsal

The highest-scoring futsal game of all time was on 13 October 2006, when Brazil beat Timor-Leste 76-0 in Macau.