What is Surfing & Surfing Betting Guide

The first-ever international surfing championships were hosted in Makaha, Hawaii, in 1953. It was the first time in the sport’s history that judges had awarded points for the length of the ride, the number of waves caught, and various other criteria.

Competitive surfing spread to Australia, and the first World Surfing Championships were held in Sydney in 1964. Surfers formed the International Surfing Federation during that contest, the body responsible for organising global surfing events.

Today, professional surfing isn’t as prominent as it might be, as many purists believe it goes against the sport’s very independent and individual nature. Still, there are several high-profile sporting events in locations worldwide each year, all of which you can bet on at Stake Sportsbook .

Here, we run through the major sporting leagues and tournaments you can bet on at Stake.com and explain the different surfing bets you can place as you watch the incredible action unfold.

Surfing Leagues, Surfers & Major Tournaments

There are many surfing events in different parts of the world each year, organised by various bodies. This can make it a little confusing to keep up with the latest events, but don’t worry; we’ve listed the most popular surfing events that you can bet on this year at Stake.com below:

  • World Surf League (WSL): The World Surf League is the main body of international surfers, with tournaments and events throughout the season. The WSL also ranks the best surfers in the world and delivers the men’s and women’s World Surf Champion at the end of the season.

  • Billabong Pipeline Masters: Established in 1970, the Pipeline Masters is hosted in Oahu, Hawaii, and is one of surfing’s “Triple Crown” events.

  • O’Neill World Cup of Surfing: Another of the “Triple Crown” events, the World Cup of Surfing is hosted annually on Hawaii’s Sunset Beach, known for huge waves and iconic feats by competitors.

  • Hawaiian Pro: The other “Triple Crown” surfing event is the Hawaiian Pro, held in the middle of December at Ali’i Park Beach in Haleiwa.

  • Rip Curl Pro: One of the biggest surfing contests in Australia, the Rip Curl Pro winner is held at Bells Beach, Torquay, and the winner leaves with the prestigious “Bell” trophy.

  • Olympic Games: When the Olympic Games come around in Paris in 2024, surfing will be one of the events available to bet on at Stake.com.

At the time of writing, the best-ranked male WSL surfers in the world are Filipe Toledo (Brazil), Ethan Ewing (Australia), Griffin Colapinto (US), Joao Chianca (Brazil), and Jack Robinson (Brazil).

The leading female surfers are Caroline Marks (United States), Carissa Moore (Hawaii), Tyler Wright (Australia), Caitline Simmers (United States), and Molly Picklum (Australia).

How to Bet on Surfing & Types of Bets on Surfing

You can bet on surfing at Stake.com in numerous ways, with the following betting options available at our sportsbook:

  • Outright winner : This is a bet on the surfer you think will win an event outright.

  • Heat winner: As most surfing events are split into heats, you can also bet on the surfer you believe will win individual heats in a competition.

  • Head-to-head bets: This bet lets you wager on one surfer to beat another in an event.

  • Over/under total points: Surfers are awarded points by the judges based on their performance on the waves, which enables you to bet on over/under how many points you think a specific surfer will score.

  • Most waves ridden: You can also bet on the surfer who will ride the most waves in an event.

  • Handicap betting : You can also place a handicap bet in surfing, a wager on a surfer who has a points handicap at the start of an event that they must overcome for your bet to be successful.

How to Live Stream Surfing & Live Surfing Betting Options

Surfing is an exceptionally fun sport, with competitors displaying incredible skill as they ride monster waves on the shores of Australia, Portugal, Hawaii, and South Africa, among other locations. You can live stream surfing directly from your Stake.com account for free as soon as you sign in.

Simply check for the upcoming events and fixtures available to live stream and watch the action unfold on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You place live surfing bets at Stake.com, including on your favourite surfer as they take to the waves.

Surfing Betting Tips & Strategies to Win

Surfing is unique in many respects, as each event solely relies on Mother Nature. If you’re new to the world of surfing, here are some tips to bear in mind before placing your bets at Stake.com:

  • More than just about any other sport , surfing is weather-dependent. If the waves aren’t there, there can be no event! So, keep updated with the weather forecast so you know what to expect out on the water.

  • In every surfing event, the surfers are scored by judges based on several criteria, including time on a wave, technique, and the number of waves caught. Make sure you understand how surfing scoring works before backing a winner.

  • You should research the current World Surf League world rankings to determine which surfers are performing well ahead of a tournament. You should also think about the current form of a surfer before betting on them.

  • While betting on surfing at Stake.com, please remember to gamble responsibly and within your means. You can refer to our Stake Smart guidelines for help with responsible gambling.

  • For more surfing betting tips, refer to our general sports betting guide .

Surfing Betting Odds & Payouts

At Stake.com, we offer great value surfing odds and a host of markets on the biggest events and tournaments on the calendar, from the Olympic Games to the WSL.

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Interesting Facts About Surfing

German surfer Sebastian Steudtner holds the world record for the biggest wave ever surfed when he rode an 86ft wave at Praia do Norte, Nazare, Portugal, in October 2020.