Arena of Valor Esports Betting Odds, Tips & Guide

Arena of Valor (AoV) is a mobile-first eSports title that exploded in popularity in Asia before spreading worldwide.

AoV was developed by TiMi Studios after Riot Games was asked to create a mobile game to rival its hugely successful, PC-based League of Legends game.

Arena of Valor is a hero-character-based epic multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), where players’ characters gain strength as they progress through a game by defeating rival characters or destroying buildings. You can play as an individual or as part of a team of up to five players.

As with many other leading ESports games , regional league and major tournament events are streamed worldwide, such as AOV Premier League , attracting people bet on Arena of Valor on betting sites such as the easy and convenient Stake Sportsbook .

Arena of Valor Leagues and Tournaments

The eSports calendar has an ever-growing number of big leagues and tournaments that offer plenty of betting opportunities.

As now offers Arena of Valor betting, here are some of the major events to look out for:

  • Honor of Kings International Championship – the rebranded version of the World Cup comes with a whopping prize pool of $10,000,000.

  • Arena of Valor Professional League – the APL is a professional league consisting of teams from around the world.

  • Valor Cup – a tournament for amateur players to show off their credentials and try to win a spot on a pro team.

The game is also now one of eight Esports titles chosen as medal events for the Asian Games.

How to Bet on Arena of Valor and Types of eSports Bets

The types of Arena of Valor betting markets mirror those available for other leading eSports titles. So, if you’re used to placing bets on League of Legends or Dota 2 , adding Arena of Valor to your bet slip will be easy.

Here are the commons betting markets:

Match winner

The easiest market of all. Simply select which of the two teams you think will win the match.

Outright winner

Rather than picking the winner of a single match, you predict which team will win a particular league or tournament. Often the odds offer more value the earlier you place your bet before the event starts and team form begins.

Map winner

Some game modes feature multiple maps/rounds, so you can select the outcome of a single round rather than the match itself.

Prop bets

Prop bets are those that do not look at the match’s outcome. Instead, they focus on specific events occurring within the game. Some examples include:

  • First blood – the player with the first kill.

  • First turret destroyed – Select which of the two teams you think will destroy the other’s turret.

  • First objective - similar to the turret bet, but here you decide which team meets its first objective, like killing the Abyssal Dragon.

  • Most damage – pick a player you think will record the most damage during the match.

Betting Tips and Strategies for Successful Arena of Valor Betting

To increase your chances of profiting from your bets on eSports events, you should always develop a betting strategy. With our online betting guide and tips , you can make sure you're in the best position to succeed in your AoV eSports bets. Specifically, betting fans should consider:

  • Keep up with the news so you know which teams and players are on form. If a key professional player is missing from a team, will they be so successful? Using your knowledge, you might be able to find value in the betting markets.

  • Learn the game’s rules so that you understand how a match plays out and the players’ objectives.

  • Understand tournament formats, as some events deploy different modes of the game or change the number of rounds in each match.

  • Analyse the stats. As you dive deeper into researching upcoming matches, you might uncover details like one player being far better on one particular map. Use this to your advantage.

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Live Betting Options for Arena of Valor

As eSports tournaments for games like Arena of Valor explode in popularity, the audience size at live events and watching live streams grows larger. is more likely to open live Arena of Valor betting markets if you can readily access a stream of the event to watch the action unfold.

In live betting , the odds change by the second as the action plays out. You can find shifting odds for match winners, point scorers and a host of interesting prop bets.

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Bonus Arena of Valor eSports Facts

  • Arena of Valor continues to have its strongest following in Asia, with a large fanbase in Vietnam and Thailand. It was originally released in 2015 under the name Kings of Glory .

  • One of the characters in the game is Arthur the wizard. It’s amusing to see a wizard working his magic while wielding a giant weapon at the same time!