Crazy Coin Flip

Crazy Coin Flip Crazy Coin Flip
Edge:  3.95%

Take the pure randomness of coin-flipping into an incredible live casino experience with the exciting live game, Crazy Coin Flip!

Crazy Coin Flip is a live casino 'flip the coin' game from Evolution that takes coin flipping to a new level. This live game combines casino gameplay mechanics from all sorts of games into exciting three-phase action based on flipping the coin and hitting big multipliers!

Streamed live from the wonderful Evolution studios in Riga, join your captivating hosts as they engage players in real-time with invigorating game show action in Crazy Coin Flip.

Since its launch in June 2022, Crazy Coin Flip has enjoyed high popularity as a live casino game on the Stake casino alongside other popular Evolution games such as Crazy Time and Monopoly Live !

Crazy Coin Flip Gameplay

Crazy Coin Flip is a game of three phases. Players enter a qualifying phase before entering the live game itself which features a real live presenter, a beautiful full-featured set and bonus games.

With slots for qualifying via different spin modes, a top-up phase and a bonus coin flip round there is no shortage of variety in gameplay when it comes to Crazy Coin Flip.

Qualification Slots Phase

As a live-broadcast casino game, Crazy Coin Flip includes a qualification phase for new players entering the live game. Players play through this phase to qualify for entry into the live game.

During the qualification phase, players spin a 5-reel slot and are required to match 3 scatter symbols to gain entry to the live game. Scatters symbols may contain multipliers, which are added to one another during the winning spin and applied to the bonus Coin Flip phase.

The qualification slots also include a 'Turbo' mode, in which reels spin faster so players can spin more frequently, decreasing the time required to enter the main game.

Three different modes are available in the qualification phase:

  • Normal Spin: Bets placed in normal spin mode are set as the base bet and used to calculate winning during the live game.

  • XXXtreme Spin: Players are guaranteed at least one scatter symbol when using XXXtreme mode at a cost of 5x base bet. XXXtreme mode not only speeds up the qualification process but also offers more frequent multipliers.

  • Super XXXtreme Spin: Two scatter symbols are guaranteed with the Super XXXtreme spin mode at a cost of 50x base bet. Multipliers are more frequent in Super XXXtreme spin mode.

Top Up Slots Phase

Entering the base live game inserts the player into the Top Up phase, where players are on-the-clock with an opportunity to boost multipliers before the coin-flipping begins.

The slots action continues during the slots phase with a 3-reel slot on a 3x3 gameplay area full of red and blue coins containing various multiplier values. Players can increase the Top Up amount during this phase to increase multipliers and can win by lining 3 coin symbols of the same colour in the winning middle row payline.

The values of the three matching coin symbols are added up, with the multiplier applied to that coin colour during the Coin Flip Bonus Round. The Top-Up phase occurs between the coin flip phase at set time intervals, giving players options to increase bet amounts and increase multipliers before the coin-flipping phase begins.

Coin Flip Phase

With the top-up phase concluded, the bonus coin flip round commences. The live host will generate different multipliers for both red and blue coins for this phase. These multipliers for each coin are common for all live casino players who have made it to the coin flip phase.

This bonus game multiplier is combined with the scatter symbols multipliers acquired in the Qualification and Top Up Phase are calculated together for individual players and displayed separately for the red and blue coins. The live studio host pulls a lever from the set, triggering the mechanism to flip the coin.

The multipliers assigned to the winning coin flip colour are applied and players are paid out accordingly based on their multipliers accrued for that winning coin side.

Bet Crypto for Crazy Coin Flip

Bitcoin and other available cryptocurrencies are available as options to bet on live casino games on Stake, including games like Crazy Coin Flip.

Bets can be placed during the qualification and top-up rounds using the amazing interface Evolution created to overlay the live casino stream, with bets utilising funds available on the player's account on Stake.

Balance is displayed at all times in the interface with players able to adjust bet amount in the qualification phase and adjust bet amount by 5x for XXXtreme Spin and 50x bet amount for Super XXXtreme Spin.

The Top-Up phase allows for bets between the coin flip phases for players to increase multiplier amounts earned during the game.

Deposit Crypto Funds on Stake

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  • Step 3 - Use your deposit address as the 'Send to' location for your crypto wallet or exchange.

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