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If you walk into any casino, you’ll likely hear the whooping and hollering from players at the craps table. It’s a casino table game where punters can play together rather than individually, making it great fun.

Evolution transfers this excitement to its live dealer studio, providing an authentic casino craps experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Of course, some differences exist, but each of these is dealt with brilliantly. For example, the robot arm is far more interesting to watch than a human shooter (the term given to the player throwing the dice).

At first, craps might seem intimidating because it’s not as intuitive as blackjack or roulette . But interactive training is available, and the game’s graphics help you quickly track what’s going on.

How to Play Evolution Live Craps

The game starts with the come-out roll, the first betting action, while the Puck is OFF. Place your bet on the Pass Line, the Shooter rolls the dice, and three things can happen:

  • If the outcome is a 7 or 11, you win

  • If the outcome is a 2, 3, or 12, you don’t win, and the bet is now over

  • If the outcome is a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 - the Point is secured, the puck is turned ON and placed above the relative number. This is the new Point Number.

The Point Roll

The Pass Line bet you placed when the Point was established remains in effect until the Point Number is rolled again. You will win if it comes up before a seven is rolled.

When the Point Number or a losing seven is rolled again, the bets are settled, the Point Rolls complete, and the puck becomes OFF once more. Then it’s time for a new come-out roll. In a real game, a new Shooter takes the dice, but online, the same robot arm plays all the time.

Once you get more experienced, you can place different combinations of bets, like multi-roll and single-roll bets. Winning streaks are conceivable if the Shooter does not roll a Point or a Seven.

Also, an Odds wager can be placed alongside the Pass Line bet, with the payout varying depending on the likelihood of the Point number landing.

Craps Live Betting Options

Craps may appear confusing to new players, but it is pretty simple once you get started. We’ve summarised the main betting options below to make things a little easier.

  • Pass and Don’t Pass Bets. The two table sections are Pass Line and Don’t Pass. You gamble on the Shooter losing or winning based on the above results. Landing on 12 is considered a “push”, where you will receive your bet back.

  • Come and Don’t Come Bets. Players can still place these wagers after the Point Number has been decided. This means you don’t have to wait until the start of a new game. Come bets win if you land a “natural” (7 or 11) and lose if you land Craps, which is 2, 3, or 12. Don’t Come are the opposite.

  • Proposition Bets. You can place several types of bets to spice up your action. We can’t possibly go into each one here, but details of all wagers are available in the game guide from Evolution.

My Numbers

My Numbers is where you can place your bets on every round. It helps you keep track of the betting options and the associated odds. Once the Point Number is in place, the relevant numbers are highlighted in the My Numbers section to make it easier for you to track what numbers you want.

Dealer Assist

The Dealer Assist function is a neat feature you can activate in the Settings menu. It allows you to keep winning bets on the table until the next gaming round. Wins are credited to your account, but you effectively leave the initial stake on the table for the next roll of the dice. This reduces the need for a lot of clicking. So, sit back and enjoy the action.

Craps Tutorial

The Craps Tutorial will help you understand how to play live craps online and what bets to make. It will give the payouts for each type of bet.

Because the Craps table can look a little confusing at first, the in-game tutorial is interactive, so you can click on various points of the table to find out what they mean.

You may get to it whenever you want by clicking on the shirt and tie icon at the bottom of the playing interface.

How to Deposit

If you wish to wager with Bitcoin or other major cryptocurrencies , Stake makes it simple for you to deposit. You can start enjoying the Craps live casino experience in no time at all.

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