What is house edge/RTP?

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If you’re a regular player on Stake , you’ll have noticed over time how next to our casino games, there is something that says ‘House Edge’. Read on to learn more about what a house edge is, and discover more with our casino house edge guide .

For those who play online casino games a lot, you may know what House Edge or RTP (Return to Player) is. But if you’re new to this world, let us settle you in.

In simple terms, House Edge is the percentage of your profits that are returned to the house or in our case, Stake.

When scrolling through our games, you will notice how each game has a small information icon on the bottom right of the game’s respective thumbnail.

When you hover over these icons, they display the game’s House Edge.

To help keep this simple, the lower the House Edge is on a game, the more profitable it could be for you.

For example, in our Blackjack original game , the House Edge is 0.5%. This is just about as low as House Edge can get, meaning your RTP potential is very high.

Obviously, with the launch of Stake 3, there are now more slot games than ever before on our site. From countless providers and with countless different themes, there’s never been a wider range of playable games on our site!

But with that comes a lot of games with different RTP ratings and House Edges. However, it is very easy for you to get an understanding as to what they are.

In slots , RTP represents how much a game has paid out over its lifespan, compared to how much money players have put in. If a slot pays out an RTP of 90% then 10% is the machine’s House Edge. It usually should add up to 100%.

Let’s take a look at the ever popular Pragmatic slots game Fruit Party as an example.

Below is a screenshot of the page for Fruit Party on Pragmatic’s site. Usually for slots, it is easy to find a website with in-depth information on these slots.

It may not be the provider’s website, but there is usually at least one website that will have done a review on the slots game and explained its RTP.

At the bottom of the screenshot, you’ll notice there is a percentage for RTP & Volatility.

At 96.50%, it is a very volatile slot and when you add to 100, you’ll get 3.5% as the House Edge. Let’s take a look at a different slots game as a further example.

Here is a screenshot from a website that isn’t directly connected to the provider of the game in question, but still has all the relevant information.

As you can see, Fire Rooster’s RTP is 96.14%, meaning it’s not as volatile as Fruit Party, but you would certainly do worse. As a reminder, both Fruit Party and Fire Rooster are live on our site right now and can be played for as little as 10c per bet!


To sum up what House Edge/RTP is, it is how much the house keeps and what your potential return is. The lower the better is the motto to go by.

When it comes to our Stake original games , it’s easy to gauge what the volatility and RTP of each game is and therefore, you’ll have a better idea how to approach each game.

With our new slots, we have one piece of advice. Do your research.

As fun as a slots game may seem, you need to be aware of its RTP if you want to make a profit. Sure you could just try and get lucky (not the worst strategy), but in the long run, the more research you do, the bulkier your bank account will be.